Warranty Terms



DECENTEK warrants that each LED lamp listed below to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and to operate from the date of purchase to the time periods specified below.


LED High Bay 5 Years or 60 Months
LED Tri-proof Lamp 5 Years or 60 Months
LED Flood Light 5 Years or 60 Months
LED Tunnel Lamp 5 Years or 60 Months
LED Liner Lamp 4 Years or 48 Months
LED Tube 3 Years or 36 Months
LED Light Engine 3 Years or 36 Months



If an LED lamp fails to conform with this limited warranty, DECENTEK will at its option, either (i) repair the product at no charge, or (ii) replace the product at no charge or (iii) grant customer a credit for a future product purchase calculated as follows: Invoice price ($) x Undelivered warranty period (months) / warranty period (months)

Replacement product or parts provided under the terms of this warranty are warranted for the reminder of the warranty period of the original product or original parts they replace.

Replacement of the product does not include any removal or reinstallation costs or expenses. DECENTEK shall share the shipping cost of replacement with customer through friendly discussion.

 If we choose to replace the product but it’s not able to do so because such product has been discontinued or it’s no longer available. DECENTK will replace it with a product of similar functionality. 



(i) Customer shall send us the RMA(return material advice) when claiming warranty

(ii) Photos or videos that demonstrate product defects are necessary from the customer. In many cases, DECENTEK’s professional team is able to judge by electrical files whether the product is defective. If that’s not enough:

(iii) A couple of defective samples should be shipped freight pre-paid to our address provided. DECENTEK will examine the failed samples to determine the cause of failure, and confirm whether they’re defective and covered under this warranty within 7 working days after receipt. 



This limited warranty is subject to the following conditions:

1) The product has NOT been subject to abuse, mishandling, alternation, accident, electrical current fluctuations, acts of gods, neglect, failure to follow operate, maintenance, or environmental instructions prescribed by DECENTEK in writing

2) Adequate product operating records are kept and made available to DECENTEK when required

3) Product has been purchased directly from DECENTEK or its authorized distributor

Limited warranty is void if the product is not used for the purpose for which product is manufactured. This warranty only applies when LED lamps are properly installed and used in accordance with written specifications of DECENTEK. LED lamps must be used in applications designed and approved for the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) within the normal specified operating range. 



Warranty claims can be serviced by calling or emailing DECENTEK’s Customer Service&Sales Center:

Tel: +86-152 1779 6319

Email: service@decentled.com / sales@decentled.com

If you’re uncertain if a situation is covered by this warranty, please through above contacts for assistance.



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