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DECENTEK – Sustainable LED Lighting Solutions


DECENTEK is a future-proofing LED luminaires and lighting solution provider since 2011.

Standardized Interface

As a partner of Zhaga® consortium, DECENTEK is making an effort to make LED lamps with standardized and interchangeable interface, mechanically, thermally, electrically and optically. We believe that it’s crucial to the adoption of LED luminaires and our earth protection as well.


Modular Design

With Zhaga®‘s mission in mind, we’ve developed various series of LED lamps with innovative modular design. Modules of different shapes and beam angles have the same mounting hole and connector, thus can be flexibly organized with different brackets to make LED lamps for different applications – LED high bay, LED flood light, LED tunnel lamp etc. That not only makes on-site maintenance possible in hard-to-reach locations, but also allows for future upgrade with the quick developing of LED technology.


Comprehensive Approach

Luminous efficacy(LPW) maybe not as important in applications as in the marketing leaflet, high initial lumen but quick declining hurts customers’ experience and the industry as well. At DECENTEK ,we always develop LED lamps in a comprehensive manner, aiming to ensure the stable and high-performance operation to their rated lifespan. From radiation simulation of heat sink to high-voltage surge testing of the driver, accelerated aging test of LEDs to salt spray testing of housing.

Intelligent control is a new important direction of our company, which enables extra energy savings and ease in remote control.


Optimized Performances

We invest heavily in optimizing the structure, wiring and protections of the existing lamp design, which helps improve the overall performance of the LED lamp. Highest luminous efficacy is not emphasized by us, instead, a optimized combination of efficacy, wattage, lifespan and cost/performance is what we always try to achieve for customers.


Professional Advice

Professional lighting design proposal based on data and software makes us an advantage. From luminaires selection to lamps arrangement, we assist customers to work out the most suitable solution for a specific application. Over-illumination is not good for economy and also causes light pollution, the lux level that suits is the best. Moderate, visually confortable LED lighting that provides safe, efficient, pleasant lighting environment is our ultimate goal.


Customized Solution

Apart from standard LED lamps, we’re also prepared to develop with customers unique products to capture the market or suit a special application, from moulding to tooling, production and branding.

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