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DECENTEK is a future-proof LED lamps and lighting solution provider since 2011. As a partner of Zhaga® consortium, DECENTEK is making an effort to make LED lamps with the standardized, interchangeable interface, mechanically, thermally, electrically and optically. We believe that it’s crucial for the adoption of LED luminaires and future of LED lighting industry. We developed LED lamps with the innovative modular design. Modules of different shapes and beam angles have the same mounting hole and connector, thus can be flexibly organized with different brackets to produce various of LED lamps – flood light, high bay, tunnel lamp, etc. That not only makes site maintenance possible in hard-to-reach locations, but also allows for future upgrade with the quick developing of LED technology. Luminous efficacy(LPW) maybe not as important in application as in marketing leaflet, high initial lumen output but quick declining…

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